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Why Guided Travel?

Convenience – No planning. Just packing.

Planning a trip is a lot of work and can be very stressful. With guided travel, the planning and arrangements are taken care of for you, from hotels and transportation to meals and attractions. All you have to do is pack!

Savings – Group rates. Greater value.

Groups qualify for reduced rates on things such as transportation, accommodations and admission, allowing individuals to take advantage of discounted travel without discounting the experience.

Experience – Local guides. Insider knowledge.

World-traveled tour managers and local guides offer invaluable insider knowledge to help you make the most of your journey. They can take you deeper into the history of the sites, cities and countries you're visiting and help you discover fantastic restaurants, shops or attractions that are the best-kept local secrets.

Safety – Strength in numbers. Peace of mind.

Members of a group look out for one another, offering peace of mind and reducing the chances of getting lost or running into trouble.

Unique – Hidden gems. Exclusive access.

Oftentimes groups can see or do things not available to individuals, such as a private performance or behind-the-scenes access. These unique opportunities can mean the difference between seeing the world and truly experiencing it!

Friendship – Shared experiences. Lifelong bonds.

Experiencing the world and making memories with others that share your passion for travel can lead to lifelong friendships.

Group Leaders We Make It Easy

Are you a bank club director or a group leader looking to plan an exciting travel opportunity for your group? Star Destinations is here to help you coordinate an amazing experience that is unique and convenient for you and your fellow travelers.

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